Members are only allowed to book two 1 hour slots in advance per week, one of which has to be a Saturday or Sunday.

From 8pm onwards slots must be left available for adult players ie anyone playing Minor grade and over.

To help with the smooth running of this new system we request that members who cannot attend their booking cancel the slot to allow others to take advantage of it. A record is automatically generated of all new, edited and deleted bookings.

Those who have not cancelled or do not turn up will be considered a default. After two defaults a penalty will be issued at the discretion of the committee.

At all times anyone using alley must book through the online booking system.

Failure to adhere to the rules will incur penalties - issued from a committee decision.

There will most likely be teething problems to begin with therefore this new online booking system will be on a trial period of one month.

LTA Approved

We are pleased to announce that FASTcourts is a Lawn Tennis Association approved online booking system.
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