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Welcome to Stubbington Tennis Club,

Welcome to Stubbington Tennis Club

About the club, courts available and more...

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14/01/20 // Match Results for Winter Portsmouth League 2019/20 Ladies Team

5th Oct v Rowlands Castle.Stubbington won 2 rubbers each,4 sets each and 37 games to their 34

19th Oct v…

28/07/19 // Public booking. please click here for important information.

Please book and pay for your court by clicking on the slot required.

Juniors (under 18) please book on court…

16/05/19 // Summer League results Portsmouth Ladies

13th April v Canoe Lake (a) lost 4 rubbers to 0,8 sets to 0,48 games to 7

20th April v…

10/03/19 // Ladies Match results for Winter Season 2018/19

13 th Oct 2018 v Seacourt2 Stubbington 2 won 3 rubbers to 1

1st Dec v PTA PTA won 4…

08/03/19 // Membership of Stubbington Tennis Club

The club is currently welcoming new members.Please go to the clubs website www.stubbingtontennis.club and use the contact us button to…

08/03/19 // COACHING for spring 2019

Gary Waughman of Premier Tennis will be running a coaching program for Juniors and Adullts of mixed ability.
Club members…

05/12/18 // Ladies league match results summer 2018

5 th may v Southsea (H) won 3-1
19 th May v Avenue 3 (A) won 2 rubbers each ,6…

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